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Monday, May 16, 2011

2012 mustang cobra jet specs

2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet specs

  • 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet specs

  • paulsecic
    Aug 28, 02:50 PM
    A week Tuesday, a week Tuesday! I just put my mini on eBay and I'll get a good chunk less if they update them tomorrow! I thought the original rumour said after Labor day which is next week isn't it?
    Im broke now. I hope they wait til October. :(

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  • Back to 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang

  • Multimedia
    Sep 12, 05:54 PM
    just bought a music video will see the new res and if it works on "old" 5G iPods in about 5 minutesNope. I already tested it and it's a no-go. Do you know for sure you just bought a 640x480 H.264 music video?

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang
  • 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang

  • Cameront9
    Aug 23, 06:01 PM
    That's quite a sum of money! A bit more than my Power Mac cost me, even with that extra RAM.

    It's seems to me that it's unlikely that the cost of litigation could have exceeded the cost of a settlement, so does that show that Apple expected to be found liable for patent infringement as charged?

    You seem to be unfamiliar with our court system. This case could have dragged on for YEARS, and cost Apple a TON of money--possibly far more than 100 Million.

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  • Gasu E.
    Apr 19, 09:27 AM
    So what? They're already getting sued by Apple, so what's another lawsuit? Point is, contract breach or not, Samsung could cripple Apple's whole ecosystem within days by halting all processor shipments. Apple makes the vast majority on iDevices and this would kill Apple's whole economic model. And this doesn't even account for Samsungs components that go into their Macs. As a result, Apple would have no hardware to sell. They would dip into their treasure chest. It could be devastating to Apple.

    If Samsung breached the supply contract, they would be sued again. The difference is that in the infringement suit, Apple has a moderate case and the remedy if they win will be $100M-$2B range. In a contract infringment, Apple would have an ironclad case, and the remedy would be $100B-$300B-- in other words, Samsung would become a division of Apple.

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet
  • 2012 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

  • Meandmunch
    Apr 25, 07:08 PM
    Other than shaving a few millimeters of the case, a few grams of weight what amount of change isn't incremental at this point?

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  • Phil A.
    Aug 23, 07:07 PM
    Don't 90% or more of the MP3 players on the market also infringe this patent (including the forthcoming Zune). By making this payout Apple have given Creative the means to fight other companies (such as Microsoft, Sandisk, etc) which could tie them up for years and possibly even delay the launch of Zune. Meanwhile, Apple have their nice license agreement and can continue unabated...

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.
  • 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.

  • neuropsychguy
    May 3, 11:55 AM
    The trackpad option is awesome. Every bundled Apple mouse I've gotten for the past 15 years has gone straight in the trash. The only good mouse Apple ever made was the ADB II. At least now I get a free trackpad to play with! Cool!

    I'd love to have a trackpad but I do really like the Magic Mouse. It's not super ergonomic, of course, but I like it more than most other traditional mice.

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.
  • 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.

  • RoboCop001
    Apr 14, 11:50 AM
    This is great news! One of the ReadyNAS I didn't buy a Sandy Bridge MBP is that I want USB3.

    Did "reasons" get autocorrected to "ReadyNAS"? lol

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.
  • 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.

  • HecubusPro
    Aug 28, 04:10 PM
    And if people are really unwilling to wait a couple weeks, nothing is stopping them from buying the yonah models.

    Or if they want the simple satisfaction of having a C2D laptop on order, they can always pre-order one at Dell, HP, etc., then cancel that pre-order when the MBP C2D are announced. That way, in spirit, they can have a mac Core 2 Duo machine on pre-order right now. :)

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  • mape2k
    Apr 30, 06:28 PM
    Curious that everyone is clamoring for a thunderbolt-enabled machine, but there isn't a single thunderbolt drive available on the market.

    I guess some people just need to feel like they have new stuff even if it's totally pointless.

    Pointless right now, but what about in 6 month? The price of the iMac will just be the same then but it is very likely some TB displays and external storage device have been released. So why not by now and wait for the TB peripherals?

    Plugging in one cable to connect and external monitor while daisy chaining multiple external storage sources is far from pointless to me...

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.
  • 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.

  • nfable
    Mar 30, 11:38 AM
    It seems that App on its own is generic, but the combination with another word to define a particular thing is not... see

    Lady + Gaga
    Best + Buy
    Fack + Book
    Micro + Soft
    General + Electric
    Pintos + Cheese .. okay, maybe not that

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  • Quark
    Oct 27, 04:07 PM
    They should be kicked out of every place all the time. They are almost as bad as the Sierra Club. Liars, cheats and thieves -- they lie about everything, trick you into giving them money for a cause and spend the money on their ridiculous liberal agendas based on flat out falsehoods and lies.

    I love the environment and volunteer twice a month for environmental restoration and preservation projects. But I can't stand the scare tactics of these types of groups that use junk science and fear to steal your money and make themselves rich and powerful.


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  • steve_hill4
    Sep 8, 01:49 PM
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Apple released no details to retailers prior to an announcement, or if they did, they had an NDA to prevent that information leaking out to the public.

    One person at work, (who seems to be desperate to know when the new iPods will be out), contacted our head offices to speak to the people in charge of buying in new products and the quantities. She was assured our branch would have "new iPods" by next Saturday.

    1. If this is true, it fits in with the Tuesday announcement
    2. They may have been telling her about new stocks, (unlikely since we haven't been having stock issues of late)
    3. Our buyers have given us information before that has never materialised
    4. It's pretty obvious to most, especially those that visit rumour sites like me, that after one year, new models are on their way, and the special event on Tuesday will see them announced
    5. She is new and doesn't understand how the company works. If we were to get them in by Saturday 16th, they would have to arrive at our national warehouse around the 12th or 14th at the absolute latest. That would mean going by other shipping beforehand, the latest they could leave China would be perhaps Monday.

    Since no other information like this has come forward, I remain sceptical we will get them in by then, but we got the nanos after 7 days last year, so it is possible. Four days is unlikely though, so they would have to ship them before they are announced. This would come back to others leaking information about boxes shipping and I haven't heard much along those lines yet. I again say though I remain fully confident in them being announced on Tuesday, just sceptical of the information that was given. If it was genuine, I think Apple needs to remind all of their NDAs.

    We shall see.

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  • SiliconAddict
    Jul 17, 02:38 PM
    Adding a mid-sized tower would be a bad move for Apple. They tried this before and the Cube lasted less than a year. Yes, the Cube was Apple's mid-sized tower. Apple knows that a mid-sized tower would either cannibalize their other lines (iMac, Mini and Pro) or suffer the same fate as the Cube.

    The cube was NOT a mid-sized tower. Heck it wasn't even a tower. The upgradability of the thing was partly what killed it but also the price and the funky design. All Apple has to do is take the G5, decrease it's size down to that of something the size of Dell's small form factors...

    and vola. You have a winner. The G5 design is there because of heat dist reasons. There is no reason that Apple can't have a high end dual CPU dual core design in the current G5 form factor and a single CPU dual core in in a smaller one that can still accom. 2 hard drives and an optical drive. We just replaced all the systems in our office with the above from factor. There is not a single person out of the 180 systems upgraded that doesn't love the extra desk space. Smaller is better when it comes to computers.

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet specs
  • 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet specs

  • milo
    Sep 5, 03:44 PM
    Isnt it pretty reasonable to assume that this will really just be iPod related/iTunes movie store related because macrumors did not get an invite but iLounge did. ABC News is even talking about the news iPods and Movie store. This thread has really gone crazy with people talking about the airport express and such. It has been a year since the iPod nano has been updated so we can be CERTAIN that their will be new nanos.

    There's nothing crazy about the airport express. Appleinsider was the source on that, and they tend to be one of the most reliable rumor sites. And a video version of the airport would absolutely be ipod/itunes related. There's no question that we'll see new nanos, but an updated airport (especially if it had a remote and ran front row) would fit in perfectly.

    Whether wireless can support video streaming is a question of implementation and bitrate of the material. As much as people want to see an HD solution, I think ntsc at around DVD quality is much more likely - using h.264 you can do that with pretty reasonable file sizes.

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet specs
  • 2012 Mustang Cobra Jet specs

  • Jimmieboy
    Sep 14, 01:21 AM
    I like the 8801, but I definitely think it's overpriced at $399. You could get a Sidekick 3 prepaid for that price.
    Sure is overpriced! Over in Australia it's around $1200. The one good thing I liked was the diamond coated dsiplay. It was scratch proof. Maybe apple should diamond coat their iphone! :p

    EDIT: Actually I just did a bit of research. I think my claim that they diamond coated their displays is false. No one take my word on it.

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang
  • 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang

  • iRun26.2
    Apr 24, 05:35 PM
    Yeah it should be, there's no hard drive to make noise and unless you keep it on a stove or do insanely heavy processing you shouldn't hear the fan either.

    Sandy Bridge should also run more efficiently than the C2D. That will not only extend baterry life, but it will also keep the normal operation temperatures down.

    (Oops! I replied twice. Is there a way to delete my own post?)

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.
  • 2012 mustang cobra jet specs.

  • ciTiger
    Apr 11, 07:52 AM
    Apple will fix it soon...

    2012 mustang cobra jet specs. 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang specs
  • 2012 Cobra Jet Mustang specs

  • linux2mac
    May 3, 11:04 AM
    I want dual out screen on the MBP =(:(

    Would be great to have dual out on 11" MBA too. This way I could have dual displays at my remote office.

    Apr 28, 03:36 PM
    This pretty much sums it up.

    Apr 28, 04:45 PM
    If only manufacturing hardware could be as quick as pressing disc I think the 5.99 would be even higher =)

    Sep 13, 09:24 PM
    Sorry man, this is MacRumors. If you don't like talking about rumored products and such, sign up for an account on MacFacts. :p :cool:

    The mock-up looks cool - definitely something that I could see Apple designing. It bares quite a similarity though to LG's Chocolate phone...
    thats because they knew apple TelePod was about to come out so they dumped their on the market first

    Apr 25, 10:01 AM
    He's definitely lying about some stuff
    How true, and she would have deserved to get it keyed. Why can't my mom or dad be a rich lawyer or doctor or something like that?

    In less than 3 years, your mom went to law school, passed the bar exam, and became the top attorney in the biggest law firm in your state? Impressive.

    Oct 12, 12:59 PM
    You have to link to the images, not the flickr page.

    And that's just the U2 special edition iPod.

    Got it...

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