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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

black and white wallpaper bedroom

black and white wallpaper bedroom. Black and white wallpaper are

  • Black and white wallpaper are

  • Peace
    Aug 28, 09:57 PM
    Will an Apple Retail store upgrade your cpu? What's the cost to have this done without a warranty void?

    The Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 1066MHz will work in an imac intel? newegg sells them for $369

    Core 2 Duo Extreme runs at 2.93GHz

    Think you'd need a new logic board for that.The current Intel iMac's have a 667MHz FSB.The E6600 has a 1066MHz FSB.Compatability problems there.

    black and white wallpaper bedroom. Wallpapers-For-Your-Bedroom
  • Wallpapers-For-Your-Bedroom

  • Warbrain
    Oct 12, 10:01 PM
    All I can say is this...

    I would buy a red iPod regardless of if the money went to a good cause. I think red would look sexy as ****.

    black and white wallpaper bedroom. Image 8 - wallpaper, edroom
  • Image 8 - wallpaper, edroom

  • bankshot
    Sep 12, 03:07 PM
    Gapless was the #1 request?? Holy cow! :eek: Then what took them so friggin long?

    I've been under the impression that gapless was only desired by 0.000001% of the users, and therefore Apple didn't give a damn about it. I assumed that the other 99.999999% of users only listen to shuffle mode and don't care about traditional albums. Seems pretty reasonable based on what's popular these days. But the #1 request? Surely this should have been fixed in the 2nd generation iPod then, 3rd generation at the latest.

    I'm not complaining, this just really, really surprises me. I'm so happy to see that it's fixed, finally, so I can go out and buy a replacement iPod soon, after holding out for over a year. Better days are here to stay. ;)

    black and white wallpaper bedroom. lack and white bedroom decor
  • lack and white bedroom decor

  • Roller
    Sep 4, 06:53 PM
    Not too many details: would this stream movies already downloaded or let you download/view simultaneously (like view on demand)?

    black and white wallpaper bedroom. contemporary lack and white
  • contemporary lack and white

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 10, 07:20 PM
    I think they also have some ridiculous maternity leave like 16 months for BOTH PARENTS, shared somehow. I must say, that is a nice way to do it.

    Ridiculous? Not quite, from the parent's perspective.

    In Canada we have 12 months maternity leave, which can be taken by either spouse, or split, 6 months/6 months.

    Where the F is THAT???

    We would call that absence of traffic.

    black and white wallpaper bedroom. color Red, Black and White
  • color Red, Black and White

  • Duujo
    Aug 28, 06:19 PM
    You certainly know how to make friends, sir.

    yeah.. it's true.. amazing my girlfriend has hung around this long.!! :D

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  • bbplayer5
    Mar 23, 04:22 PM
    No one likes drunk drivers. No one. Period. That being said, Apple should not pull the App. Speed trap apps will be next (Trapster)... Keep the app store open to everything thats legal. This is no different than a friend calling you telling you to avoid a check point. Neither is illegal.

    black and white wallpaper bedroom. lack and white bedroom.
  • lack and white bedroom.

  • aegisdesign
    Sep 10, 05:09 PM
    And that's one of the reasons I don't like all in ones, I dont like throwing away display no matter what the size. My last CRT lasted me about 6 years and I had an old apple 14" monitor that was still working after 10 years! Now that's getting value out of your components! :D

    Do you really want to use a monitor from 10 years ago in everyday use? Not likely. I've a 15" CRT from about a decade ago too but it's sitting on a shelf as a spare in case my newer monitor dies.

    Most times I've bought a new computer, I've also bought a new monitor. A widescreen 17" monitor back when I bought my iMac was extortionately expensive. I generally figure on spending about �15-1800 every three years on a computer and about 5-6 years of useful life. It's been going up from a G3 iBook to a 17" G5 Mac to a fully kitted out 24" iMac for that money. I can't imagine what it will be in 3 - 6 years time but I guess it'll make a 24" iMac feel just as obsolete as the 500Mhz G3 iBook with a 1024x768 screen feels.

    I have to conclude that people who want to use their 10 year old CRT are just incredibly cheap and don't value their screens as much as being able to claim how fast their CPU is. I've been programming for 20+ years professionally and your screen isn't something to skimp on. It's THE most important thing if you value your eyes.

    black and white wallpaper bedroom. It#39;s a white bedroom
  • It#39;s a white bedroom

  • Rot'nApple
    Mar 23, 05:28 PM
    Since all the Senators are Democrats, Apple can leave the app there and just reply to the "With more than 10,000 Americans dying in drunk-driving crashes every year,..." to just call them 'came to term whole-birth abortions'... :eek:

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  • bjdku
    Sep 26, 10:18 AM
    Been saying it on the forums forever.
    2007 Apple pulls iTunes from Motorola
    2008 Apple launches iPhone with Cingular

    Ya, that is why you just registered in April and have only 8 posts.:rolleyes:

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  • manu chao
    Apr 11, 10:01 AM
    More like "click there to stream music to my mac which is connected to my sound system".

    Both financially and from a space and energy consumption point of view, an Apple TV or an Airport Express is a more efficient solution for this. Apple tends to support only the efficient and simple solutions, not the cumbersome ones.

    I think you got it completely wrong here. How is my WiFi router which was given to me for free by my internet provider a luxury?

    You know all well that the router is not free, you pay for through your monthly payments. The fact that your provider does not offer a cheaper service without such hardware freebies is just unfortunate. Would you be happy if Apple included a free Airport Express with all Macs (but naturally increased the price for the Mac)? There is nothing free, at least in the physical world (the digital world can be very close to free, see iOS apps).

    And of course Apple is getting greedy by not adding Airtunes to other wireless solutions they sell.

    So, how much do think Apple is asking for licensing their Airplay technology, I'd guess at most between $5-10.

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  • jakemikey
    Sep 10, 09:16 AM
    It is expected to be a Conroe "drop-in" and should work with the same motherboards as Conroe.

    This won't be the case:

    just because it's LGA 775 doesn't mean it's a Conroe 'drop-in'. It'll need at least a 975x or p965 chipset and modified motherboard circuitry to handle it. And please, people, stop with the 'pin compatible' crap. Just because a proc is 'pin compatible' with another proc doesn't mean you can mix and match as you like. You have to think about the chipset, and about voltage regulators, and the motherboard circuitry in general. I have a board with a Pentium D in it right now - both the socket and the chipset support Conroe, but the board itself doesn't simply because of the voltage regulator. By the 'pin compatible' theory, I should be able to shove a Kentsfield into just about any late-model P4 board and have it work just fine -- won't happen!

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  • Eidorian
    Jul 14, 09:27 AM
    Der. No! The Conroe CPU is the desktop version of the the Merom CPU which is not currently used in any Mac.I don't get where this Conroe in the iMac thing came from either. The power it draws and heat it produces even puts the 970FX to shame.

    The bench marks show that the Conroe based CPU's are going to smoke the AMD competition. :)Yeah, the FX-62 has some competition. Even the 1.86 GHz model can compete in some tests.

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  • xxjudgmentxx
    Mar 22, 01:48 PM
    Better idea: add an ExpressCard slot so I can put eSATA or USB3 on my iMac. Or you know...put USB3 & eSATA on my iMac for me *hint hint Apple*

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  • Here are some nice lack and

  • applesith
    May 3, 11:20 AM
    2 External displays?? That is very very sexy! I want one. Too bad i can't justify the purchase.

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  • avkills
    Sep 5, 05:02 AM
    H.264 isn't really that much data.

    The Wildlife 720p HD stream from Apple is less than 3000 kbits/sec. For comparison, the Pixlet demo is like 27 mbits/sec. A 1080p h.264 stream is less than 10 mbits/sec.

    So with those numbers, a 720p stream with 5.1 audio should easily stream over even a 10 mbit network device. So I can easily see this working over 802.11g.

    Now the only issue is what they are going to put in the device to decode the streams with. Forward compatibility with future codecs would be nice.


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  • iGary
    Aug 24, 08:19 AM
    Can't wait to see what my Apple stock does today...:rolleyes:

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 16, 01:53 AM
    No different? What planet on you living on because it's not Earth.... The link quoted tested a slow 2.5" drive and still showed a 3.5x speed improvement. USB3 can only go as fast as the drive it's connected to. You're going to find that out with TB as well. You can't make gold out of dirt.

    These people on here suggesting Intel should can USB3 are not real computer users. They're non-computer types that don't know WTF they're talking about. Period. There is NO reason to NOT use USB3 on new computers. Their cost is next to nothing. They're 100% backwards compatible with USB2.0,1.1 and 1.0 and you'll need those ports regardless whether your computer has TB or not. Not having USB3 simply means less flexibility. Even if you hate it, your friend comes over with his 7200RPM USB3 drive and connects it to your Mac using USB 2.0 and instead of going 110MB/sec as it would under USB3, it goes 30-35MB/sec under USB 2.0. He then asks you why your Mac SUCKS SO HARD and your reply will be that he should have paid $400 for that drive with a TB connector instead of $150 with a USB3 connector (even though TB will not go faster because that's the limit of the drive itself). Your friend will then suggest you give him some money since you're stinking loaded to WASTE $250 more on the TB drive when USB3 would have done just as well. But then you remind him that Apple don't support no stinking USB3 and he then tells you that his PC just 'PWNED' your 'Crapple'. :eek:

    Apple isn't doing themselves ANY favors to ignore mainstream tech. They want TB? Fine, but don't leave out USB3 to spite yourself. Oh wait. They already did that with Blu-Ray.... :rolleyes:
    Or you could just buy a multi-port Thunderbolt adapter(that supports USB 3) for less than $10 when they are released making your half-baked scenario completely worthless.


    Oh and why would someone pay extra money for a drive that can reach at the LOWEST twice the performance of USB 3? Gee, I wonder. I'd love to know where you got the sales figures from also.

    black and white wallpaper bedroom. Opulent edroom
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  • MisterK
    Apr 30, 04:57 PM
    The last 27" i7 iMac is the best computer I've ever bought. I went pretty full-out. Got 2 hard drives including an SSD and went for full-speed with 8GB of RAM. I also have my 30" Cinema Display attached. Absolutely couldn't be happier. Best work-horse ever!

    Aug 28, 02:45 PM
    To the guy that on page 2 requested a 7600GT in the MBP's: Why? The X1800XT is gonna whoop it's butt, and ATI is way better at making mobile cards. Oh BTW, the X1600's were not underlocked. I saw a thread somewhere, that said they wouldn�t run at full speed when not needed.;)

    Mar 30, 12:39 PM
    It goes to show you what our legal system really is like. Kind of goes to show you that much of our legal system is nothing more than expensive babies fighting. Also goes to show you why our government is such a mess because guess what most of our political leaders are........ You guessed it LAWYERS. This is pretty much a world wide thing.

    Yeah, blame it on the lawyers. :rolleyes:

    Lawyers solve problems. Here, we have a dispute amongst the 2 businesses. The lawyers are just arguing the positions of their respective clients. Not sure why the lawyers deserve much, if any, of the blame.

    People act like every lawyer is a ambulance chasing scumbag. Well, that is until they're wronged in some way and call their lawyer to help.

    May 3, 11:13 AM
    Ivy Bridge will bring it up to 3 displays. AMD has 6 displays for embedded systems now.

    These iMacs have discrete chips supporting 6 displays, too. But they are crippled by Thunderbolt, like the MBPs.

    May 3, 11:08 AM
    Would be great to have dual out on 11" MBA too. This way I could have dual displays at my remote office.

    You think SB IGP could drive 2 Cinema Displays? :eek:

    Mar 29, 01:33 PM
    This is laughable at best. I would not want to be the one who decided it was a good idea to make a prediction this far out. Far too many unknown factors will happen between now and then.

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