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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

call of duty 4 guns

call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns list. of

  • call of duty 4 guns list. of

  • Bomino
    Apr 25, 02:45 AM
    Because I actually care about my grandparents. They have done something genuine for me, they have cared for me, they have loved me, etc.

    this love you have for your grand parents is called conditional love. AKA the love of a spoiled brat. AKA fake love.

    EDIT: you know, if your parents thought of you this way, there would be absolutely no incentive to even want to feed you.

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  • call of duty 4 guns list. stun

  • ChristianJapan
    Apr 22, 08:05 AM
    If I can stream and download to a iDevice I would be a happy camper. Should be users choice based on need. Streaming in many cases will not make it.

    And SJ knows soon WHAT you listen WHERE and WHEN and HOW OFTEN. I'm sure there is marketing to be done. At least when iPhone or iPad are used.

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops,

  • manic
    Sep 5, 03:10 PM
    In any event, unless it's HD (720p is fine) I'm not interested. For that matter, when they give me Lost in HD (and a good way to get it to my TV) I'll check out the TV shows.

    I would love that too, but im not convinced its feasible. 720p movie trailer downloads account roughly to 50mb for every minute. therefore, a 120min feature film would equal to 6GB. thats a lot of bandwidth, and the shoddy superdrives in current macbooks are only single-layer (grunf!).

    But if its real, and they manage it for ~$14, man, ill start (re)building my movie collection! dont really care for 1080p (actually, i do, but then 12gb per film is just too much for me to bother downloading)

    i guess if thats the case, 160gb 2.5" sata hds will be the absolute bare minimum, plus a stationary external hd with some 500+gb to cope with the new digital library AND time machine

    call of duty 4 guns. The more you use each weapon,
  • The more you use each weapon,

  • rdrr
    Sep 15, 05:52 PM
    I thought 10 Mega Pixels were possible with some tech that is suppose to arrive at the end of this year for phones.

    I wonder if the new phone was like the original iPod Shuffle. You wear it around your neck. That would be funny. I would like the Star Trek Next Generation phone were you tap it on your chest to call people and it automatically goes into speaker phone. That was sort of like the shuffle concept with simple controls and no screen. Even works with iTunes.

    Hmmm that is an intresting thought. I saw a demo, over a year ago, of a wireles VoIP phone at Dartmouth University that did just that. They wear them around their neck or use a clip, but it was voice activated, and they actually called them their "Star Trek badges".

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns list.
  • call of duty 4 guns list.

  • Chupa Chupa
    Sep 5, 02:04 PM
    So this tells us as much as we already knew really, only confirms the movie service. Now the question the service for streaming to your home TV via a new set top box or is this service for the iPod...or both.

    I don't see how Apple can legitimately sell the service for iPod unless they are going to come out with a WS iPod. The novelty of watching video on the iPods 2" screen has worn off.

    That said...glad I sold both my 4gb nano and the 2 giger I got with the Mac to School promo. A black anodized nano would be cool. Just hope they come out with some male colors. The iPod mini colors were so fraking wimpy.

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns list.
  • call of duty 4 guns list.

  • vitaboy
    Aug 24, 03:55 AM
    Because Apple lost? Yes, patent-system IS messed up. But Apple is taking advatange of it as well. Now that Apple lost, everybody complains, yet no-one complains when Apple files for obvious patents as well.

    Ummm, Apple didn't lose. Settling is not "losing" in any legal sense.

    I went into it in detail in my earlier post, but basically, Apple is happily giving Creative the teeth it needs to go after Sandisk, iRiver, and most importantly Zune.

    Remember, as a result of this settlement, Creative is heavily incentivized to extract payment from every wannabe iPod killer in existence while agreeing not to so much as give Apple a dirty look any more. In fact, as Creative successfully collects licensing fees, it begins to pay Apple back.

    It sounds like a $100 million loan to me.

    call of duty 4 guns. Call of Duty 4 beta coming to
  • Call of Duty 4 beta coming to

  • Maddix
    Apr 22, 06:45 PM
    I would also prefer AMD, but I don't think there will be Llanos low-powered enough for the MBA.

    Look at the Zacate E-350. It's 18W, and CPU-wise it's at a dual core Atom level.
    OK, it's bulk 40nm, and Llano is 32nm SOI, but the quad mobile Llano I've seen is supposed to be 45W. MBAs are at 10W and 17W.

    Llano is still a Stars+ core. Maybe next year with Bulldozer Fusion.

    AMD would be producing better CPU's via increased profits if Apple chose them over Intel from the start.

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns.
  • call of duty 4 guns.

  • pubwvj
    Nov 14, 11:19 PM
    Apple's being nitpicky and detrimental to the long goal. Focus.

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  • call of duty modern warfare 4

  • magbarn
    Apr 23, 09:15 AM
    Why? The Intel Integrated 3000 graphics outperform the current Nividia GeForce 320M's found in the current MacBook Airs and outgoing pre-gen MacBook Pro's. So why is an improvement sad?

    God why don't people research, unless apple decides to not skip directly to ivy bridge, you will NOT get the same intel sb igp as the mbp 13, instead you will get one that's at least 20-30% slower. Something's had to give to get the 35w tdp on the sb mbp cpus down to the 25w/17w level.

    call of duty 4 guns. But the pride of Call of Duty
  • But the pride of Call of Duty

  • G33kTech
    Feb 23, 12:59 PM
    It makes sense. iProducts are increasingly becoming ubiquitous, therefore they will become more profitable for malware developers to attack. It's not a McAfee sales pitch so much as it's stating the obvious. Same with Android.

    I agree, but at the same time Both Apple and Android use a Unix based OS. Unix based OS's are what run the internet (linux mainly). Their operating systems will be strong security wise by default. Because Unix is an open system, security holes are found and can be easily patched in the open source community, Apple and Android both benefit from using Unix based operating systems, because Unix based systems are also responsible for holding up the fundamental infrastructure of what we call the internet.

    Also, android has free anti-virus scanners available in there market. Apple may have some too. I think mcafee is just trying to sell product, but if I was them i would want to sell my product to EVERY person who had Android or iOS based phone, simply because that is a VERY large user base.

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns list.
  • call of duty 4 guns list.

  • macenforcer
    Sep 12, 02:24 PM
    let the whining begin

    I hate when a smarta$$ lays in with this post. We'll whine if we want to. YEAH!

    call of duty 4 guns. video game Call of Duty 4:
  • video game Call of Duty 4:

  • weitzner
    Oct 27, 08:09 PM
    When the day comes that holographic screens make it to the market...maybe the green lust will be satiated and all will be well..unless the projector for holograms is a candy-coated ball of lead, powered by the liver of an infant.

    well what else CLOULD it be?

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns list.
  • call of duty 4 guns list.

  • arkitect
    Mar 30, 11:25 AM
    I still do not see how or why Apple should be awarded App Store™.

    He will need to be a 'cunning linguist' to assist Microsoft.
    Ah well someone had to go there I guess. ;)

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns list. guns
  • call of duty 4 guns list. guns

  • kenypowa
    Apr 19, 07:02 AM
    Samsung is starting to be less and less innovative, they really are setting down at the drawing board , scratching their heads trying to come up with a design and then....." bing!!! their iphone mail alert just popped off and there is their next cell design!!

    Apple is starting to be less and less inovative. The iPhone UI hardly changes for the last 4 years. But hey, lets sue everybody.:rolleyes:

    call of duty 4 guns. released Call of Duty 4:
  • released Call of Duty 4:

  • donlphi
    Sep 5, 08:25 PM
    I agree with everyone here who says that when Apple starts their own movie store they should also release a new Application along with it.

    Playing video in iTunes is pretty bad.

    They could call it iMovie... wait that won't work.

    iFlix (too netflix-ee)? iPix(too pixarish)? iMedia (too micro$oftish)? nah.. just stick with iTunes... everybody knows how to use it, but fix the video playback.

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns list.
  • call of duty 4 guns list.

  • vincenz
    Apr 25, 01:50 PM
    "Next year" as in October 2011 or October 2012?

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns. call of
  • call of duty 4 guns. call of

  • HecubusPro
    Aug 31, 08:58 PM
    I've said it before and I'll say it again... it's really easy to hook an iPod up to a TV ( to play videos. Just one cable. You're not limited to the iPod screen or your computer screen.

    I actually have that cable. I've only used it a couple of times on my TV for kicks. After seeing the quality though, I decided never to do it again. :D Besides, all of the stuff I have on my iPod Video, I have on DVD. I just use it at work during lunch sometimes, or on trips. But hooking your iPod up to your TV should be done only if you have no other choice IMO. :)

    call of duty 4 guns. call of duty 4 guns.
  • call of duty 4 guns.

  • cube
    May 3, 11:04 AM
    Would be great to have dual out on 11" MBA too. This way I could have dual displays at my remote office.

    Blame Thunderbolt.

    call of duty 4 guns. Call of Duty 4 Online XP and
  • Call of Duty 4 Online XP and

  • iGary
    Sep 4, 03:11 PM
    Holiday season fast approaching...there's no way they will enter shopping season without a new iPod lineup. Period.

    If they do, I'm dumping my stock.:p

    And Appleinsider is sandbagging - hedging their bets that at least a portion of what they are reporting is true.

    Sep 13, 09:41 PM
    No thanks. I loathe the candybar design. I have a Treo which I keep in an aluminum case. I did this after having a Treo for a week and destroying the thing, even though it was in my pocket. I have no place in my life for a delicate cell phone. :D

    Apr 22, 03:04 PM
    $899 for the 13? A $400 price drop is a bit of stretch, don't you think? :D

    For rotary hd, base version - may be $200 more for the 13.3 with SSD.

    Sep 5, 03:20 PM
    If I am forced to watch ANY commercials on the iTunes movie downloads, then I'll never use it, ever. Bad enough I spend $10 to go to a theater to have the same mazda zoom zoom zoom/coke and a smile crap every time.

    Why would they do commercials? Commercials only make sense if they give you content for free. Has anyone done home viewing of movies for a fee and still included commercials (other than movie trailers)?

    Apr 4, 09:20 AM
    Having been bitten numerous times by McAfee, I never believe their press releases.

    Way back, I subscribed to their virus and firewall software. I tested the firewall, and it worked. Until they updated it to a slicker looking interface. Some sixth sense made me test it again, and bingo, my computer was exposed. McAfee customer "support" was not interested. They had my annual subscription, and that was all they wanted.

    After ripping all McAfee code out of my PC, I was dismayed to find that my employer signed up for McAfee products.

    Months and months of slow PC, followed by bricking thousands of employee PCs with their encryption-at-rest software.
    co-sign, same thing happened to me

    Jul 20, 03:34 AM
    Who is talking about low end Merom. I am talking about higher end with 4mb of Cache.

    I highly doubt apple would use a low end merom, when they can go with a higher end.

    The MacBook and MacBook Pro will both get 4mb Meroms.

    Just FYI: It seems that Merom will ship at speeds from 1.66 to 2.33 GHz, the 1.66GHz and 1.83 GHz have 2 MB cache, and 2GHz and faster all have 4 MB cache. Prices seem to be identical to the current Yonah prices (except the 2.33; there is no 2.33 GHz Yonah). So I would expect that all Yonahs will be replaced with Merom at same clockspeed, and that means 4MB cache except for the low end MacBook and possibly MacMini.

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