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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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  • Kim Kardashian greeted a

  • pastafazoule
    Apr 30, 03:16 PM
    Still loving my 21.5 inch i3 iMac.
    I am hoping it gets a chassis redesign though.

    i hope there is a white 27in

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  • quagmire
    Apr 25, 10:24 AM
    Holy crap. I just finished reading the thread. Please stay off the road. You did this **** in your moms E60 M5 with 500 HP? I know where this story is heading. Soon you will take that car to an abandoned airport with 3 of your friends which then you will flip it and kill you and your friends. Or you will do that 155 MPH in a neighborhood. These two examples are true stories of 16-18 year olds kids with an E60 M5 who shared the exact same attitude as you and did those stunts. Please do not drive, learn to fly, etc until you gain the maturity to handle these machines.

    You will respond to my post saying that you will never do what those people did. That you're a safe driver and claim you will never do that. Guess what pal? Those kids also claimed the exact same thing. Now four people are dead and the other is screwed.

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  • Westyfield2
    Apr 22, 11:24 AM
    As my first post to macrumors, I just purchased a 13" refurb 30 min ago. Oh well, still good technology. I can finally sell my 2007 macbook.

    Enjoy it, I love my 13" :cool:.

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  • TheSideshow
    Apr 28, 05:09 PM
    Strong article, MacRumors.

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  • Kim Kardashian at Christian

  • spazzcat
    Apr 20, 12:30 PM
    Doesn't every GPS based phone have something like this?

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  • robeddie
    Apr 25, 01:57 PM
    I love the way the Arn writes "the next revision of Apple's MacBook Pro line will utilize a new case design for the first time in several years."

    It's been a couple years. 2 years, 6 months to be exact. He writes as though this design has been around for like, forever!

    The previous aluminum design remained almost exactly the same (except for some almost inperceptable thinning when it became the MacPro) from Jan 2003 (the powerbook G4) to October 2008. 5 YEARS AND TEN MONTHS!

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  • LaazyEye
    Apr 14, 07:55 PM
    Yes but why would these devices move to USB3 either?
    Most are happy on USB1 or 2. with no demand for 3.
    If they have the market for features then Wireless is the most attractive up sell for most of them over faster wires. So Low bandwidth devices are either going to stay USB 2 or go wireless.

    Low bandwidth is really a moot point, it's high bandwidth that drives wired connections.

    I say this: Thunderbolt breakout boxes with built-in wireless usb =)

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  • milo
    Aug 28, 03:06 PM
    Can the current imacs support a 24" Dell widescreen in dual monitor mode?

    Why don't you just look it up on the apple and dell sites?

    It will, the imac will drive up to 1920 x 1200, which is what the dell 24 is.

    Still, my point is that Apple isn't trying to remain competitive in regards to grabbing sales or going outside of their niche market. Apple has diehard fans that will purchase whatever they sell, no matter what. They don't need to attempt to go outside of that faction because they'll have a hard time swaying general computer users who are used to Windows already or don't want to pay the premium price.

    I don't know that I'd agree with that either. The macbook and pro are pretty competitive, and the imac and mini offer some fairly reasonable machines. I'd agree that a midtower would be a great addition to their line and appeal to more untapped potential buyers, but apple is appealing to PC switchers already, as evidenced by their increasing market share and the number of consumers buying a mac for the first time. They *are* trying to remain competitive, and are succeeding in some cases, they just aren't 100% competitive in every part of the computer market.

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  • If you are Kim Kardashian the

  • Dalton63841
    Apr 25, 02:54 AM
    You certainly ain't the only one. Obvious troll is obvious.

    And it only took 5 pages and 105 posts to figure that out LOL.

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  • spriter
    Sep 9, 02:08 AM
    I am moving up from an eMac 1 gigahertz G4. So I'm sure it will seem very fast to me. Probably more than I need.

    You're in for a treat. I went from a 1.2GHz G4 to MacBook (2HGz Yonah) and it's streets ahead in terms of performance. 4 times faster encoding a DVD with Handbrake is a godsend.

    The Merom iMac's are a great spec for the price.

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 19, 08:17 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Do no buckle to these power hungry tyrants Samsung. The stinger you fight, the more I will buy your products in the future.

    LOL! Why do you have a problem with companies trying to protect their intellectual property?

    At least Apple didn't wait years to file suit and if you remember, they did file many patents on the iPhone when it was introduced. They have every right to protect their IP.

    But I know... this goes against your anti-Apple ranting.

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  • Mundy
    Sep 10, 04:54 PM
    Whats wrong with having two dual core processors on one chip? I can understand that the FSB might become a bottleneck but thats not only a issue related to the number of cores/processors is it?

    The problem is that a double-dual-core solution (like Intel's Kentsfield and Clovertown) still requires that two cores communicate with the other two cores over the FSB. A single, shared FSB is one of the reasons that Intel's first generation of dual-core CPUs could not compete with AMD's 64-bit X2 line.

    Intel has its reasons for the way it's doing its first generation of quad-core CPUs, but performance is not one of them. Right now, the primary concern is silicon yields, and the double-dual-core method allows Intel to throw away a bad core without tossing the entire quad-core silicon wafer. A true quad-core CPU would not allow this�i.e. Intel couldn't "cut out" the bad silicon�and therefore the potential for monetary loss is greater.

    The truth is that Kentsfield and Clovertown are trial runs. They are stopgap measures in the same way that Yonah was a stopgap on the way to Merom. Once Intel goes to true quad-core CPUs and a 45 nm process, it might be time to worry about the Mac Pro being obsolete. Until then, anything Intel releases will be incremental.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • djon41
    Mar 23, 04:36 PM
    It's very odd coming to MR and seeing a map of your own town on the front page.

    ha, seconded. Had to do a double take.

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  • Sensamic
    Mar 24, 03:29 PM
    I have a imac late 2009 and Im very very happy with it. I dont need a bigger screen, I dont need more resolution, I dont need more disk space, I dont need thunderbolt or USB 3, I dont need Lion, I dont need more RAM, I dont need better graphics...

    I dont plan on buying a new imac until they come with USB 3 and thunderbolt and SSD inside and, who knows, bluray...

    Right now theres just absolutely no need to change. Only option I want is the next macbook air with core i3, since I dont have a laptop and I need one. Ill have to wait until November or so. It wouldnt be smart to buy it now since the next update sure with have core i3 and thunderbolt and 4GB RAM.

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  • bretm
    Sep 9, 12:53 PM
    And I'm thinking... why?! 10 years ago BeOS had this down pat. The whole system was multi-threaded and multi-processor aware from the kernel all the way up through the user interface including the system services used by all native applications. It was amazingly responsive and was reported (in major publications) to gain as much as 60-70% performance by having a second CPU. I realize MacOS X is based on some old NeXTStep code which was not made for multiple processors, but come on! This is the 21st century and Apple's been selling dual processor machines for about 5 years now.

    Anyway, this is great news. I'd been drooling over the new iMacs since they were announced and wondering how much I might gain by upgrading from my 2GHz G5 PowerMac. It's very enticing.

    Well they were selling them back in 1996 so you might want to add 5 years to your 5 year statement. You could buy dual 604e in the 9500 and the 9600 too I think.

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  • cmaier
    Nov 13, 10:43 PM
    You're absolutely right, which means, unless you OWN or LICENSE the icons from Apple, you can't use them. That's what copyright infringement means.

    Not quite. There are at least two other options. Fair use, and exhaustion/implied license/first sale doctrine.

    The use is almost certainly fair use, and Apple's rights may very well be exhausted under the first sale doctrine. It's a thorny question of law since there is nothing in the Mac OS license that makes it clear what you can do with those icons. Apple would have been better off putting something in the development agreement about not being able to use representations of Macs, etc. But they didn't.

    So your argument is that since a court of law would find this to be copyright infringement, it's covered by the development agreement.

    My opinion, as an I.P. lawyer, is that it's not at all clear that it's copyright infringement, that most people would think it probably isn't, and that therefore the development agreement does not at all clearly forbid this sort of thing.

    P.S.: You're saying developers just need to read the agreement. I'm saying they need to read the agreement, go to law school, and guess how Apple will interpret the facts.

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  • lkrupp
    Apr 4, 12:07 PM
    I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often. Applestores must be filled with cash. I would think one would be a bit easier to rob than a bank.

    I would bet there is actually very little cash in the typical Apple store. I personally have never observed a single customer pay with cash for anything at the two stores in my area. Everybody pays with credit or debit cards.

    These guys were after the products, probably iPhones and iPads, which would bring in some hefty cash on the black market.

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  • Kim Kardashian Photoshop

  • homsar
    Mar 29, 11:11 AM
    I call (early) April Fool's joke. The figures don't make any sense, and they're being given by Llamas.

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  • az988
    Apr 22, 12:21 PM
    I'd take the 13" MBP screen over the 13 MBA screen every day of the week, much better quality in every way apart from the small resolution increase. The MBA screen is cheap and nasty (yes I owned both, sold the 2010 Air to buy the 2011 13 MBP)

    what's the difference in the screen specs? i saw the air's screen at the apple store and it looked pretty nice to me

    Apr 22, 05:03 AM
    Tell you what Apple. Make a 128GB iPhone and I'll pay *you* for it, rather than paying my service provider for the extra downloads (that I can't even do when I'm on the Underground, or in much of my office building, or abroad on holiday...)

    You can already buy 64GB phones ( Apple. Don't get left behind. :eek:

    Mar 23, 04:59 PM
    Tell them NO ! No ! NO ! The States/Cities do not enforce the Law to the extreme like they should after the 1st offense !!!!! What difference does it make if all you are going to do is smack their little hand the first few times !!!! The folks that are going to break the law are going to break the law no matter what !!! Also I might add that I have seen here in the greater Kansas City Mo area that the newspapers post the areas anyway ...

    I live in KC too and whenever theres a checkpoint I get about 3-5 texts that day warning me and telling me to forward it to everyone I know. :rolleyes:

    Aug 28, 03:00 PM
    Agreed. There won't be anything of import in Paris itself. But Apple may release updates in conjunction with the Expo from their Cupertino campus.

    That should make the Expo organizers _really_ happy! :rolleyes:

    Maybe I'm just getting caught up in the feverish excitement surrounding the impending release of Merom-based Apple notebooks, but I am going to predict that Apple will debut new iPods at Paris (which is why they banned all non-iPod mp3 players at the Apple Expo).

    To give this announcement maximum effect they must announce MacBook Pros with Merom outside of the Apple Expo. Since other PC manufacturers have now announced Merom-based notebooks, Apple will likely present the MacBook Pros before the Expo, so either tomorrow or next week Tueday. I stand by my earlier predictions that MacBooks (and Mac Minis) will not get Meroms yet.

    Sep 12, 05:22 PM
    Okay, so it appears that owners of 5th generation iPods (before the latest release) who update their iPod software to version 1.2 get a few cool features that come pre-loaded out of the box on the latest 5th generation iPods, but not all.

    We get:

    • Gapless playback

    • Ability to adjust backlight brightness (I'm particularly excited about this, I've been wanting it for ages, I bet it increases battery battery life immensely with the brightness turned way down)

    • When rapidly scrolling through ARTISTS we get overlayed alphabet letters which correspond to where we are on our list

    • Ability to play games bought from iTunes

    We don't get:

    • New search function

    ** Video playback details yet to be determinedAnd we FAIL to get ability to load 640x480 H.264 Baseline encoded video "...because it cannot be played on this 11month "old" iPod." What a crock! It's a load of bullocks I tell ya!I take it that your conversion is over and the old iPod cannot play "Hi-Res H.264" and my asumptions prior in this thread where right :/

    And as I already pointed out, that owners of "old" iPod 5G will have to reconvert movies and TV series and EVERYTHING they download from this day an, since all movies and tv episodes will be in 640x480 from now on.

    Geez. Unlike M$ Apple has never been to much concerned with backwards compatibility, users without at least 10.3 Panther don't get much new fun these days. But like this....?Yeah. They don't even let us put them on the "old" 5g iPod.

    It's gotta be a simple firmware update that they should give us. What good is that new capability to the Store if they won't load and play on the large base of first adopters' units out there? I am very perplexed at this revolting development. :confused: :eek:

    Makes no sense to me at all. Anyone else understand it?

    Aug 24, 09:59 AM
    So what happens if Uncle Bill buys Creative? :eek:

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