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Friday, May 6, 2011

Miss Universe Canada 2011 Contestant - Nicole Roy's Photo & Profile/Biography

Name: Nicole Roy

Age: 19 | Height: 5’5″ | Calgary, AB

Born in Vancouver B.C, Nicole Roy is a young woman who believes that living life to the fullest and taking on every given opportunity with a positive attitude and determination Is a key step to success. She has had the opportunity to live in many parts of Canada, including Toronto, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Calgary and is proud to call Canada her home.

She currently lives in Calgary Alberta and is a student at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology studying Business with a major in Management. She hopes to use her education to one day own her own business, or to be a public relations spokesperson for a large organization.

Nicole has always been an active member of the community in every city she has lived, and feels that embracing humanitarian characteristics can improve everyone on a personal level as well as help make positive change in the world.

She volunteers her time frequently for Organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society to help raise funds for Cancer research, as well as children’s summer camps where she learned the importance of being a role model for young children.

Nicole has always been a very active individual, taking part in many styles of dance, horseback riding, synchronized swimming, and receiving her bronze cross in life guarding. She has also taken multiple courses to improve her education in many fields, such as junior achievement courses and acting studies at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Nicole was the first place winner of the television commercial competition at Faces West 2009. For her this was a huge accomplishment as acting has always been her passion from a very young age. She believes that acting is a way for people to build on their character and learn more about themselves, as well as giving them the ability to have strong communication skills in there day to day life.

Nicole is an advocate for believing in yourself and never giving up on your goals and dreams. She hopes to inspire others to believe that anything is possible no matter how young or old you may be, age is nothing more than a number.

Nicole views her involvement in the Miss Universe Canada 2011 pageant as an opportunity to be a positive role model, and someone who everyone can be inspired by.

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