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Monday, May 16, 2011

sony ericsson xperia x2a

sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

  • Multimedia
    Jul 17, 04:16 PM
    That's horrible news for me. I Don't know how much longer I will be able to use my iMac for. But I don't want to order a MBP and 3 weeks later, a new one comes out.Alternative temporary plan is buy the refurb 1.83 GHz MacBook for $949 now then sell it for about the same when the 2.33 GHz Merom MacBook Pros ships. I would think any almost new MacBook will sell for the same price as refurb or worst case $50 less until the Merom MacBooks ship - which could be at the same time as the MBP but more likely by November. :)

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2
  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2

  • vi2867
    Oct 12, 01:02 PM

    Since there are no formal announcements schedule. Apple will just bring down the store, and the new products will appear.

    They've recently done this when they announced the Mac Book, and the updated iMac Core 2 Duo's...

    Apple always keeps us on the edge, because we just don't know how they will announce their new products...

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. sony ericsson xperia x2
  • sony ericsson xperia x2

  • sam10685
    Sep 10, 08:58 AM
    My nano is already on eBay awaiting a nice metal clad 8GB version, I hope they do an andonised black one though to match my other gadgets.

    wow. your rather optimistic. hope everything works out for you.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson xperia x2 vs x1
  • Sony Ericsson xperia x2 vs x1

  • Multimedia
    Sep 3, 08:06 PM
    This is torture for me too. My oldest daughter's birthday is the 7th and she's already expecting a notebook. I'm still trying to hold off ordering at least 1 of 2 MacBooks until Tuesday.

    I can order a refurb 2.0 with no problem or blindly order a new 2.0 MacBook at education price hoping it will ship with any updates.

    The problem is timing. If the MacBooks do not update, I end up with a new stripped MacBook 2.0. If I cave and go for the refurb, it gets here faster and it may include a bit of refurb candy.How old is your daughter about to be? Will she understand waiting for the Merom MacBook? It's gonna be the same speed but it will have twice the L2 cache (4MB) which should make a performance difference. It will also have aabout 30% longer battery life, according to preliminary tests at PC Perspectives (, and run cooler. If you can talk her into it, I would wait however long it takes for the Merom MacBook which I think will be before Thanksgiving worst case.

    I doubt it will happen in September if that's what you're hoping for. Not enough supply. MBP & iMac get 'em first.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 WM6.5
  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 WM6.5

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 11, 03:57 PM
    Lottery and Gambling winnings are tax exempt. I wish the Canadians would annex Vegas.;) All my card counting skills is lining Uncle Sam's pockets.:mad: And if I get caught, the medical bills for fixing my thumbs won't come out of my pockets.;)

    Bob, it that you?? :p

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. The Xperia X2 seems more and
  • The Xperia X2 seems more and

  • vitaboy
    Aug 24, 03:55 AM
    Because Apple lost? Yes, patent-system IS messed up. But Apple is taking advatange of it as well. Now that Apple lost, everybody complains, yet no-one complains when Apple files for obvious patents as well.

    Ummm, Apple didn't lose. Settling is not "losing" in any legal sense.

    I went into it in detail in my earlier post, but basically, Apple is happily giving Creative the teeth it needs to go after Sandisk, iRiver, and most importantly Zune.

    Remember, as a result of this settlement, Creative is heavily incentivized to extract payment from every wannabe iPod killer in existence while agreeing not to so much as give Apple a dirty look any more. In fact, as Creative successfully collects licensing fees, it begins to pay Apple back.

    It sounds like a $100 million loan to me.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson Launch Xperia X2
  • Sony Ericsson Launch Xperia X2

  • macrem
    Apr 19, 04:54 PM
    McAfee faces increasing demand for Macs by its employees, Apple Says.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson: XPERIA X2
  • Sony Ericsson: XPERIA X2

  • starflyer
    Apr 4, 12:21 PM
    If they were running away and unarmed then the security guard was in the wrong.

    Tennessee v Garner says that you cannot shoot an unarmed fleeing felon in the back.

    I was being sarcastic. They were not running away and unarmed. They opened fire on the security guard. The use of lethal force was justified.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. The XPERIA X2 packs an
  • The XPERIA X2 packs an

  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 14, 12:17 PM
    Talk about an ugly logo for USB3!

    Take their Crayolas away, please!

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson Xperia X2
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

  • TheNightPhoenix
    Sep 12, 06:37 PM
    Please explain exactly how from where you did that. I am still trying with handbrake and EyeTV. The EyeTV2 export is supposed to be connected to the QuickTime but the iPod default is not H.264 640x480 in the EyetV2 Export windows.

    just before i jump between covers.... a rip from handbrake in 100% quality i had from before, DV Pal footage, 720p and 1080i footage all opened in quicktime and just gone to export for iPod all worked fine.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. xperia-x2-official
  • xperia-x2-official

  • Yebubbleman
    Apr 25, 03:38 PM
    Hilarious to all those people who jumped on the THUNDERBOLT bandwagon. No thunderbolt devices yet and they have the hideous old case design.


    Like that Alienware you've been eying has a prettier design. Where are you going to find a better design?

    Great, I've been hungering for a new Macbook Pro for quite some time, and was hoping I could hold out long enough to get a non-ugly model :)

    I can't stand the UB look.

    Again, I challenge you to find a better looking, better designed laptop chassis on the market.

    Thinner, no optical...perhaps SSD only?

    I'd prefer a smaller bezel the same color as the MBA. Say, 1/4" or a little smaller? Larger trackpad for more gestures?

    It's called the MacBook Air. Go buy one now. Meanwhile us MacBook Pro customers will be happy actually having features.

    There is your answer, people think it should be thinner

    It's true. And they are the rare few that want only a MacBook Air with a larger screen and a discrete GPU. Good thing those people are in the minority.

    Nice. My 17 MBP (Early 2009) will be getting close to the end of its life cycle by then, allowing me to easily slide into a new MBP.

    End of its life-cycle? Is there an app you can't run on that thing? Or are you one of those people on here that can't be out of date? An Early 2009 17" MacBook Pro wasn't something to shake a stick at last I checked. Through true, it is older than a week.

    Wow, you people...


    Let me clarify, i made my decision before this news was posted here. I really dont see nothing wrong with waiting on this refresh especially if it will be a huge step forward(which i believe it will be).

    The "step forward" of which you speak, of which is the basis of this article, is only in regards to the exterior design, nothing else. Sure if they improve upon the durability and the ease of servicing, that'll be a decent step forward, otherwise, we're talking about cosmetics, and again while most of the people who lurk these forums care about form over function, function is all that matters and it won't be that different next rev, redesign or not.

    They already have that's called the MacBook Air.


    Translated: Next macbook pro will be a macbook air. MBA will cease to exist as a discrete product line. Happening late fall 2011 (if we're lucky).

    You have a very bass-ackwards definition of luck.

    I think it's almost a given that they'll do away with the superdrive. There's no need for it. And if they move to flash storage, they could make it a bit thinner and lighter. It would be like a Macbook air, but with powerful mobile processors.

    Right, because I get high-speed internet everywhere! Because my MacBook Pro has 4G (and because 4G, itself, is ubiquitous). Because with a "MacBook Pro", I enjoy the inconvenience of having to have an external optical drive (because after all, the MacBook PRO line is all about conservation of space). Most people with the anti-superdrive arguments don't realize how very selfish and ridiculous their stances are. Luckily for them, there's an app for that, namely the MacBook Air.

    This, if it and Ivy Bridge, lower SSD prices/larger capacities come to fruition solidify my decision to stay with my 2010 and wait for the 2012 refresh.

    Your computer is only one year old; at that point it'll only be two, maybe two and a half years old. Will you REALLY NEED a new computer at that point?

    please get rid of the bezel. make it as small as possible.

    please do not make it thinner. rather reduce footprint and keep battery life up.

    Laptop design doesn't work that way. They won't make it thicker and if they reduced the footprint, they'd reduce the size (and therefore capacity) of the battery. Nice idea though.

    SSD + HD - Optical Drive = Sold

    SSD + HD - Optical Drive =! MacBook Pro


    Or just get a USB optical drive and have the best of both worlds ... you won't be forced to lug around something you only use once in a while :)

    If the ODD is integrated, I'm not forced to lug around an extra part when I need to use it. Or is your definition of inconvenience backwards?

    Ehrrrm, a superdrive is what invariably fails first and gives your laptop almost an extra kilogram of weight you need to carry around. Because taking it off means losing warranty.

    A superdrive is not a trait of a "Pro" laptop. The speed and reliability are. Imagine a RAID array of SSDs packed together in a package the size of a superdrive. Imagine a pico projector in that slot � this is what Toshiba is going to do real soon now.

    A Kilogram? Have you ever held a bare slot-load drive before? They're barely suitable for paperweights. I'll grant you that the slot-load models Apple uses are disgustingly failure proned, but the solution is to design a better one, not throw the bloody baby out with the bath water. A Pro laptop is like a swiss-army knife, equipped with any tool ANY professional could possibly need. Hence why the "MacBook Pro" of any Apple laptop should have the optical drive. Again, if you absolutely can't have one, the MacBook Air is a decent alternative.

    The optical drive doesn't make it "Pro" it makes it "outdated" and "unnecessary." If you need an optical drive by an external one, there is no need to hold up the majority that never use them.

    Contrastingly, if you need to not have one, you can always buy a MacBook Air. I don't use my FireWire 800 port often, but when I do, I'm thankful it's there. The same goes for the optical drive. Again, if you don't want it, Apple makes the MacBook Air which comes without it for the truly space-concious.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony-Ericsson XPERIA X2 review
  • Sony-Ericsson XPERIA X2 review

  • Lone Deranger
    Mar 30, 01:39 PM
    Then why doesn't Apple just trademark the word "App"?

    You'd think after 25 years dealing with MS they'd know better. :D

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 / X2a
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 / X2a

  • kdarling
    Apr 20, 11:18 AM
    The file contains a log of the cell towers you connected to and when. That's it. This is why the dots are in grids that get bigger the as you leave populated areas and routinely include places you haven't been within 30 miles of.

    Note that the grid pattern is faked by the demo reader program to hide actual locations.

    (Cells aren't in perfect grids anyway.)

    This information is most likely used for connection quality monitoring and caching for Assisted GPS cold starts. It is also the same information stored by your cell phone provider no matter what phone you use. As such, "Big Brother" already has the ability to access to this information.

    Or it's leftover code from development and testing.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. sony ericsson xperia x2 hands
  • sony ericsson xperia x2 hands

  • toddybody
    Apr 22, 11:18 AM
    Woot Woot! Its a little sad though, about the SB IGP :(

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Cell
  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Cell

  • ezekielrage_99
    May 1, 12:52 AM
    I'm looking at getting a new iMac fingers crossed for the following:
    - Bluray (I know... but it would be nice)
    - Thunderbolt
    - USB3
    - AMD Radeon HD 67XX-68XX with up to 2GB RAM (it wont happen though :()
    - Space for 2 HDD (I know, again it would be nice for two internal drives)
    - i5 and i7.. Hopefully no i3 in the line up.
    - Up to 24GB...

    Again if I can't get an iMac with beefier video card it looks like another Alienware with Linux...

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2
  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2

  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 10, 05:47 AM
    The iMac is huge (relatively speaking), are you telling me such a huge enclosure won't be able to dissipitate an extra 30W or so? It is only around 30W more!

    Like it or not Apple will have to somehow fit the Kentsfield into their lineup, cos their advertising campaigns are going to look very lame when Dell simply cops their "switch" campaign style and come out with a "PC" with 4 heads and a "Mac" with only 2.

    When Kentfield replaces Conroes and every $999 Dell ships with quad core, it is quite hard to justify buying a dual (in Apple's case, a $2000+ quad)

    I completely agree with you: Apple need to get Kentsfield/Conroe into their lineup somewhere. They are the best bang/buck chips Intel are making so it seems insane that they aren't already using Conroe.

    As for thermal constraints... Well, I was a big proponent of the iMac getting Conroe and am still quite shocked they went with Merom. There was a lot of discussion before the new iMacs were released as to whether the case could handle Conroe. I think it could, and I still do. But with Kentsfield you are literally sticking TWO Conroes in there when there is some doubt as to whether it can handle one. The 24" iMac could maybe handle it, but I'm doubtful the smaller sizes could. They currently use 32W Meroms, with Kentsfield we would be talking 100W+. Maybe even as high as 130W since Conroe is 65W and Kentsfield is two Conroe dies in one package.

    I personally think that a mid-tower is the only option for Apple to incorperate Conroe/Kentsfield into their lineup. Kentsfield is certainly too hot and takes too much power to go into any of their existing consumer models. It wouldn't go in the Pro since they use the Xeon chipset and will be using Clovertown.

    As you say, once PC manufacturers get their hands on Kentfield the consumer Macs are going to look very anaemic.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 WM 65
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 WM 65

  • MrSmith
    Apr 22, 02:51 AM
    I have no idea how this would be useful. Buffer times, connection loss, no WiFi around, these are all problems that will prevent this from working.

    What's wrong with storing music on hard drives locally?
    They'll be able to remove the Flash drive from iPhones and use the extra space for wizardry.

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Leaked
  • Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Leaked

  • Silentwave
    Jul 15, 10:12 AM
    Have anybody seen a benchmark which compares the core 2 duo with the actuall core duo?

    I can only see benchmarks between core 2 duo and AMD CPU's and standard dual core Pentium 4 cpu.


    Core 2 duo out so far is a desktop chip being compared against other dektop chips. The Core Duo only came as a notebook chip (with one version as a very low power server chip, Sossaman)

    sony ericsson xperia x2a. of Sony Ericsson Xperia X2
  • of Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

  • digitalbiker
    Sep 13, 10:21 PM
    It's all good. ;) :)

    So does anyone think Apple would go retro and offer a "digital rotary dial" option using the clickwheel for dialing digits? I think it would be kind of cool, but then again, I love the old rotary phones. :D

    After further thought, I suppose it might be a novelty that wears off fast... :o ;)

    I'm thinking more along the lines of a really thin flip phone. The ipod functionality would be on the outside of the flip (ie click wheel) and the keypad would be on the inside of the flip. Close the flip and the exposed LCD shows a normal ipod screen. Open the flp and the screen shows the phone interface.

    Sep 14, 09:47 PM
    I see your points, but it would seem more natural to write on the screen (hand eye coordination) or to edit a photo, enlarge it, get rid of red eye, etc. If there was no adversed interaction with the stylus. Moving my hand while watching the cursor move far from the hand gets some getting used to. Using a stylus right on the screen would (in my mind) seem more natural. But you are the Pro, so I will defer to you.
    There's no need to defer, I'm sure this will all boil down to personal preferences :) All I know is that I was seriously annoyed by the Palm and Pocket PC interfaces, and a Cintiq I borrowed for a while was the same way. For now, a regular tablet seems to do the trick.

    I may feel differently about the interface some day when software is a little better about addressing lag (through better use of threading and so on). Faster hardware helps, but programs still like to wander off and do other things that leave the pointer ahead of the display. It's a little less unnerving if you can't quite see it happening :)

    Sep 26, 09:51 AM
    No iPhone for me then. Cingular blows.

    No iPhone for me neither. But really, unless it was out-of-the-park good, there was no change I get one anyway.

    Is anyone else getting a bit tired of all this apple branding outside of the computer space? I mean, a phone? Why o why SJ? :confused:

    Aug 23, 07:12 PM
    "I'd hardly call a [url= drop in profits "doing better than ever."

    Despite MP3 players that offered more, Creative was on a downward spiral. Now they become a sheep following the iPod shepherd and Apple wins the battle.

    First, Creative did not have a drop of 85% in profits.

    Second, Creative makes a lot more than mp3 players. They were not going anywhere with mp3 players.

    3rd, they are a very durable company, have servived many ups and downs in the computer industry and are a very efficiently run company out of Singapore.

    Apr 11, 06:39 AM
    Care to actually show me what app that will actually do what I was talking about? :rolleyes:
    I want to play music from iTunes on my Mac as the source, and multiple airplay devices as the target. Currently I can only play to Airport Expresses and Apple TVs (and upcoming Airplay certified speakers). I want Apple to include all iOS devices to that list of target devices.

    Some people have already mentioned AirFoil for audio, and there's AirView for video.

    May 4, 03:34 AM
    I can't see how those of us wanting to hook things up to our 27" iMac could be a that small group. I'm more inclined to believe this limitation has to do with Apple protectionism. I mean, like I said in a post a few pages up, there are no industry standard input ports (HDMI/DVI...) and the TB port is limited to only a small fraction of a ppm of the input devices on the market.

    Sure hoping for a way to work arond Apple on this one, without going the usual Apple route - with a gazillion adapters.

    Yep- I agree. There should always be one legacy port on a device. Mini display port would be the one.

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