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Monday, May 16, 2011

will sasso wiki

will sasso wiki. will sasso imdb. only Costume

  • will sasso imdb. only Costume

  • treblah
    Aug 23, 05:31 PM
    Good news all around if you ask me. See the NTP vs. RIM case for proof of how ridiculous things could have gotten.

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  • will sasso imdb.

  • Anonymous Freak
    May 3, 04:07 PM
    Because the iMac Display mode apparently is Thunderbolt-dependent, not backward compatible with DisplayPort-only systems, I wonder if this means you will be able to daisy-chain iMacs? For example, have one iMac in the center as the master; two iMacs (one on either side) each connected via Thunderbolt to the center, acting as two displays. Then, could you slave two more Cinema Displays (or any DisplayPort monitor, even more iMacs!) from those two 'outer' iMacs for a total of five displays? Apple said in the first generation of ThunderBolt systems that they could support two displays per Thunderbolt port with daisy-chaining, and AMD's chips can support up to 6 displays.

    will sasso wiki. will sasso imdb.
  • will sasso imdb.

  • Tampa Tom
    Mar 30, 01:38 PM
    How cunning. Hire a linguist.

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  • happylittlemac
    Apr 30, 04:35 PM
    Sandy Bridge iMac's sound great, but I'm still waiting for any rumors about the Mac Mini before deciding where to put my cash down.

    will sasso wiki. Actually, it is imitation of Will Sasso. It took place at RGN college in Zagreb, Croatia. BTW: To je glumio frend, najveci ludjak na faksu definitivno.
  • Actually, it is imitation of Will Sasso. It took place at RGN college in Zagreb, Croatia. BTW: To je glumio frend, najveci ludjak na faksu definitivno.

  • runninmac
    Sep 13, 09:13 PM
    Well, Steve did say he would be seeing us soon :p

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  • will sasso skinny.

  • Pavia
    Mar 22, 06:31 PM
    Finally some iMac news :)!

    Getting a high-end 27" no matter what. My early 2010 MacBook Pro was stolen in last february, and I've been using a ****** PC ever since. I want a Mac again!

    will sasso wiki. will sasso skinny.
  • will sasso skinny.

  • lazyrighteye
    Sep 1, 08:39 AM
    I was all set to buy one of the New Archos PVP's.... They are pretty sweet.

    But knowing my previous buying luck, I'd buy it, then Apple would release the new vPod and movie store.

    If what you write is true, would you mind buying that Archos PVP?
    I sure would like a new iPod video...

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  • Surely
    Apr 20, 10:22 AM
    Section 4b:

    That section states that by turning off Location Services, the data won't be tracked/collected. I think that these guys are saying that the data still is being collected, regardless of what your Location settings are.

    It also appears from the granularity of the data that it isn't reliant on Core Location being active on the phone. In other words, the phone isn't logging your location only when you call up a GPS-enabled app and when the little compass needle warning icon appears in the top bar -- if it were, you'd expect most people's data to be mostly blank, with brief entries when they use Maps or another location aware feature. In our testing, however, Victor can see log entries every few minutes, all day, every day -- going back nine months. Meanwhile, Kelly H cannot see anything on her CDMA (i.e. Verizon) iPhone -- it's possible the data is only logged on GSM models. 3G iPads appear to log the info as well.


    will sasso wiki. Will Sasso
  • Will Sasso

  • Joe-Diver
    Mar 29, 11:08 AM
    Don't believe it!

    will sasso wiki. will sasso imdb. it will be
  • will sasso imdb. it will be

  • Gurutech
    Sep 14, 04:19 PM
    I definitely see Aperture update.
    Merom MBP.. hm.... it's not worthy of holding a special event for that ... unless it gets NEW design.

    I don't know.. we may see totally new program from Apple.
    perhaps Apple's photoshop killer?
    no idea.. :o

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 23, 05:22 PM
    Don't pull it!!!!!

    I'm NOT in favor of drinking and driving, but I am in favor of freedom. I don't like the idea of ANY government control over things like this. Too many darn laws to begin with.

    I downloaded this app. It's pretty cool! The DUI thing is like the least useful. There is all sorts of good traffic info on this app. Love it!

    will sasso wiki. Will Sasso: “The Legend Of
  • Will Sasso: “The Legend Of

  • JackieTreehorn
    Mar 22, 01:21 PM
    Still lovin' my 2009 iMac.... best machine I've ever owned.

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  • will sasso arnold.

  • 0815
    May 3, 10:58 AM
    Good to see the Magic Track Pad only option - I Loved my Magic Mouse a lot ... but I love my Magic Track Pad even more, it gives me all the same gestures that I'm used to from the MacBook - I am done with mice and will always go with the TrackPad option. For those that never used one: It does not compare the the good old windows TrackPads, it adds so much more usability since it is a true multitouch device.

    will sasso wiki. will sasso kenny. will and
  • will sasso kenny. will and

  • iMacZealot
    Sep 14, 08:30 AM
    Hey, across the pond, Nokia's putting in 3.2 MP's in some models with a Carl Zeiss.

    But I doubt we'd be seeing an iPhone here.

    Wait a minute! It the event is Sept. 24 here, wouldn't it be Sept. 25 in London? Is it a relay there?

    will sasso wiki. will sasso kenny.
  • will sasso kenny.

  • CrackedButter
    Sep 19, 03:22 PM
    Hmm mixed feelings about this.

    I want them to be successful, but I also want:
    - DVD extras
    - HD resolution
    - burnable to disc
    - rental system

    I hope success won't lull them into thinking the current restrictions are ok. :(

    Oh well, I can stick with DVDs.

    You want HD quality downloads but you can "stick" with DVD's? Do you understand how much information there is for a HD movie? Try one of the new disc formats, but you want to be able to download it? Crazy!

    I agree on the rental system however, I wouldn't mind renting but it would have to be cheaper of course.

    will sasso wiki. will sasso kenny. Dax Kenny…
  • will sasso kenny. Dax Kenny…

  • RichP
    Sep 19, 01:37 PM
    I wonder if these people are buying one to "test it out" or are buying multiple movies.

    I concur. 1 and 3 months out will really tell how this service fares.

    So far though, it is a good start.

    will sasso wiki. will sasso imdb.
  • will sasso imdb.

  • Bibulous
    Sep 14, 01:20 AM
    gahhhhh.....these iphone rumors are driving me crazy....with anticipation. When is this gonna finally happen? Hopefully before the end of the year.

    I think it will be here for Christmas, if not then not till next summer :(

    will sasso wiki. will sasso imdb. Imdb:
  • will sasso imdb. Imdb:

  • brad.c
    Sep 13, 11:02 AM
    I had ripped my Finding Nemo DVD so my daughter could watch on my 5G 60Gb iPod during a flight last month. I ripped them into individual chapters, and transferred them as sequential movies under a Finding Nemo video playlist. Worked great, except for the playback gap between chapters.

    Now, with my MBP and my iPod fully updated, the gapless feature is selectable when the chapters are selected as a group, but not individually (Part of a gapless album is greyed out). And the gaps remain.

    Not a biggie, but interesting nonetheless. Or am I that boring? (Rhetorically asked. Replies are redundantly unnecessary.)

    will sasso wiki. Will Sasso
  • Will Sasso

  • Cougarcat
    Apr 30, 03:30 PM
    Because that huge base of thunderbolt based devices is overwhelming! :p

    Gotta build the computers first for the devices to follow.

    I have a newbie question.
    I plan on moving onto MAC OS (from Windows 7) but I wanted to wait for Lion, but I'm also quite impatient since the iMac is perfect for me.
    Being new to Apple computers, would I be able to use Lion (like an upgrade) when it comes out?

    Yes. Traditionally OS X upgrades cost $129, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was $99 or $79 this time around. Apple has been dropping their software prices lately.

    Apr 4, 11:47 AM
    I doubt they leave large amounts of cash in the stores over night.

    I agree. Most sales in Apple stores are likely done without cash anyway.

    Mar 30, 11:50 AM
    I'm thinkin' Apple should have gone with "iApp Store" (u heard it here FIRST! Let me get a trademark/patent on that) b/c Microsoft is just a big ole' :D

    May 3, 12:03 PM
    Daisy chaining displays over the Display Port connector and/or the/a monitor or cabling that supports it not just Eyefinity.


    Aug 23, 08:45 PM
    So, in summary...

    Apple pays Creative a one time fee of $100M to licence their patents.

    Creative joins the 'Made for iPod' program making accessories for their competitor, Apple, who gets money for 'Made for iPod'.

    Creative still HAS to defend it's patent against other competitors - that's the nature of patents - or licence it to them. If they do, Apple takes some of that money too. In a round-a-bout way, Apple is getting money back from it's competitors. Nice.

    Creative have a much better case because Apple settled.

    Creative still owns a valid patent. If Apple had won, there would be no patent so anyone could copy the Creative/Apple style interface.

    Apple continues on as if nothing has happened. No long court case delaying sales. No injunctions to halt imports.

    Explain to me why people think Apple lost here?

    Creative knew it was about to get reamed by Microsoft's Zune which it's players aren't compatible with. They knew to get out of the market. Instead of legitimising Microsoft's offering, they've tied up with Apple. It might bug us that Apple have legitimised a bogus patent but it's otherwise very, very smart.

    Sep 15, 05:53 PM
    why is the US so far behind Europe with this kind of technology?

    (edit: maybe it isn't i haven't shopped for a phone in nearly a year)

    It is. I believe this is because of the pricing. Europe is much cheaper when it comes to price-per-minute. My guess is the american companies tried to get as much money for as little functionality as possible from the get go (a simple American business tactic) and they are now catching up. There is more demand now so companies have no choice but to innovate and are unfortunately behind Europe. This is all just my guess.

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